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ZippityDuda's Emporium of Fabric Delights


Set of 12 Small Gift Bags

Party favors,  treats for coworkers, holiday gifts, small presents "just because." Why have one small bag when you can have twelve?

$5 for the set of 12


A.k.a. "Fabric Peeps." They're fabric chickens, what else can I say?

If someone asks what they're for, "they're fer cuuute."

$5 each


ID badges, keys - wear them in style with unique patterns!

$3 each

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Making the Tooth Fairy's job easier, these pillows have a handy pocket that will secure both tooth and treasure.

$5 each

Set of 6 Medium Gift Bags

A set perfect for items that don't fit in the small gift bags on gift giving occasions.

$5 for the set of 6

Patterns on these items vary. Send a message if you're looking for something specific!


Wine Totes

Small tote bags perfect for a bottle of wine and four coordinating wine glass coasters. The perfect hostess gift.

$8 each, two for $15

Market Totes

Perfect for carrying around all the daily necessities in style. Or gift wrapping a basketball. Or trips to the library. Or the farmer's market.  Same size as a typical tote bag. $8 each, or two for $15

Note: Prices may be higher if requesting a custom order with a specific fabric.

Crayon Caddies

Perfect size for 4 average crayons (included). Great for restaurants, movies, church, car rides, anywhere. All you need to keep kids - and adults - entertained.

$2 each