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Here are examples of prices for items listed, as well as where to find them. Prices on some items may vary, such as with custom, bulk, or wholesale orders.

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Crayon Caddies:     Miscellaneous     $2 Each

Lanyards:     Miscellaneous     $3 Each

Wee Little Zippered Pouches:     Zippered Pouches     $4 each or 3 for $10

Small Zippered Pouches:     Zippered Pouches     $5 Each

Tooth Fairy Pillows:     Miscellaneous     $5 Each

Set of 12 Small Gift Bags:     Miscellaneous     $5 for each set

Set of 6 Medium Gift Bags:     Miscellaneous     $5 for each set

Chickens:     Miscellaneous     $5 Each

Puppets:     Puppet Theaters     $5 Each

Wine Tote Sets:     Miscellaneous     $8 each or 2 for 15

Large Zippered Pouches:     Zippered Pouches     $8 each or 2 for $15

Market Totes:     Miscellaneous     $8 each or 2 for $15

Jewelry Rolls:     Jewelry Rolls     $20 Each

Happy Birthday Bunting:     Banners     $40

Happy Holidays Bunting:     Banners     $40

Puppet Theater:     Puppet Theaters     $45