Wee Little Zippered Pouches

Approximately 3" by 4" for all your wee little pouchy needs: coins, credit cards, gift card holders, your collection of small pebbles - anything you can fit!

$4 each

Wee Little Zippered Sets

Why have just one when you can have three?

3 for $10

Zippered Pouches

Large Zippered Pouches

Approximately 6" by 8" for all your large pouchy needs; some e-readers, journals, pens and pencils, CDs - anything you can fit!

$8 each or 2 for $15

The "Goldilocks" Set

Because no matter the situation, one of these will be just right. Sets need not necessarily be the same fabric.

$15 per set

Small Zippered Pouches

Approximately 4" by 6" for all your small pouchy needs: make up, money and credit cards, phones, cameras, glasses, small toys, keys - anything you can fit!

$5 each


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